After three years of the left and the medias, RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA, and accusing Trump of “colluding with Russia” with no evidence to back up that FALSE claim, there now is plenty of evidence that proves that the Democrats themselves CHEATED in the 2020 election.

Here are some of the highlights from the Arizona audit Senate Hearing.

Count by hand

• A nightmare of ballot duplication. To match the original and copied ballots, serial numbers are needed. Hundreds of thousands of votes lack serial numbers or have illegible serial numbers written over a dark black ballot identification box.

Analysis of Machines

• Inadequate equipment verification. Senator Peterson said that if the EAC equipment verification process is incapable of being audited, then a new certification method is required.

• Data loss as a result of a security breach, cyber security weaknesses, or a lack of security event data. CyFIR’s Ben Cotton highlighted the importance of router and Splunk log data. He cited four reasons:

1) Maricopa County and the Secretary of State disclosed a November election system breach.

2) Severe cyber security flaws: the Dominion program was first installed in August 2019, and the most recent malware and operating system/security patch update was in August 2019. “Getting system-level access would take less than 10 minutes.”

3) Data on security events is only available back to 2/5/21. The security log is limited to 20 MB of data by design. Surprisingly, there were 37,646 requests for a blank password on 3/11/21, which had overwritten the data previous to 2/5/21.

4) Untrustworthy anonymous logons At the system level, CyFIR discovered anonymous logons that do not match the usual Windows behavior pattern.

• Maricopa County is unable to verify the election system’s security. According to the evidence presented, only Dominion is capable of verifying the ICP setup. Cotton argues why validating the security of a voting system is difficult if the configuration cannot be independently verified. To verify ICP setup, CyFIR requires the authentication fobs owned by Dominion.

Examining the Paper

• Ballot calibration was wrong by an average of 1000 percent, resulting in bleed-through that may result in over-votes or incorrect vote attribution. According to the County, they utilize thick VoteSecure paper, which should prevent bleed-through in the case of a miscalibration. The Cyber Ninjas team discovered a significant number of votes printed on extremely thin paper material. On Election Day, the ballots produced on-demand at polling centers had the most calibration problems. There were almost 168K votes impacted.

Rolls of Voters

• More than 107K votes are affected by voter roll irregularities. Based on the evidence his team has examined, Doug Logan “strongly recommends canvassing.” Consider the following scenario:

1) There are 74,243 mail-in votes that have no clear evidence of having been mailed out.

2) 11,326 voters were included in the 12/4 database but did not appear on the 11/7 voter registers.

3) 3,981 people registered after 10/15 and voted on Election Day, which is a violation of state law.

4) Around 18k individuals voted on Election Day, but were afterwards deleted from the voter lists.


• Maricopa County did not comply with the January subpoena’s request for pictures of the envelopes.

The session ended with a review of the 17 items required to complete the audit, many of which had previously been subpoenaed, such as router data, Splunk logs, hardware tokens, envelope pictures, chain of custody documents, and all portable media. The Senate will most likely have to go back to court to execute the subpoena, according to Fann.